The mental health charity that ignored my pleas, the job that left me feeling vulnerable with no support from them. 

this time last year I was buzzing wow I’d been accepted at a high profile mental health charity, I was on cloud nine. My dream had come true the charity that saved me now accepted me to work with them wow man I was in heaven. The manager that interviewed me yeh I thought I’m gonna learn so much from this woman, and boy did I learn shit loads in the year she managed me, I learnt that this charity do not treat all staff the same, in her service if your face fits you were safe, mine didn’t….  I was given a short sharp lesson in discrimination from this lovely manager from that charity that rocks that employed me, man did I learn the hard way. For the first 5 months, I bit my tongue and said nothing, I took her shit, her constant embarrassing in front of my colleagues or telling me off, her lack of empathy to me, not the inspiring moto you’re probably thinking, but yes you see in her eyes I was JUST A BANK WORKER!! A face of promotion for them. Of course the problem with suppressing something is eventually it will have to surface and in my case it did, and I had a chat with her about how I felt, and thought yeh great things are gonna be better, they got worse….. So my fighting spirit had gone, my spark had gone. The charity I loved, the job I loved doing I couldn’t do I couldn’t, so I took matters into my own hands and went straight to the top, I contacted her boss. At first her boss seemed offish, he says there’s procedures you can go through. I know that I say, Im asking for help I’ve been with you as a volunteer many years and I have a serious complaint, his reply was no one else has made complaints about her. Well really that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. In the past year I’ve started to develop anxiety, I’ve never suffered with anxiety all my life but since working with her I feel bullied by her.  Anyway the conclusion of this story is I’ve left the charity that claims to care, I tried to get  another job, and guess what they given me such a bad reference. HR refuse to answer me back. You rocked my world, now I need support to allay my worries. My health has deteriorated  and I’m being passed from pillar to post. At least I know the real meaning of discrimination now.  I used to believe in you and what that charity does, unfortunately I have been left vulnerable with no support and really confused, and the worst part this manager has already refused a meeting with me to discuss.  I wanted to share my story because, I don’t have any support and I’m fighting this battle alone. As I write I have been awaiting 11 weeks for a meeting with this manager with no dates, no support from HR, Great isn’t it….. 


About Maria

Me I'm a confused woman, who keeps making the same mistakes. Feel lost and broken.
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