Bi weekly psychologist appointment

So today I saw my psychologist, I’m really getting so much out of these sessions with her, I know I’ve said it before but she is best one I’ve had to date. I can tell her anything and she’s so good she listens and has a rare quality empathy. I’m being more open about my relationships, I tell her I lie a lot when I’m under stress or feel pressure. So in the past few weeks a lot has happened, my good friend took an od he couldn’t cope and had enough, I was so worried about him still am, he’s a lovely person with a big heart, he deserves happiness. On Monday I had an iron transfusion as due my gastric bypass, I’m unable to absorb iron properly. I must say that hospital is amazing, such lovely staff, I couldn’t wish for a better hospital. I’m in the middle of trying to repair friendships, I know I’ve hurt people with my actions and behaviour, I want to change, I want to control this bpd not have it control me. Generally I’m ok, apart from a few manic moments. I haven’t see my bf for few weeks and I miss him, I’ve realised I do miss him, and need to spend more time with him, he needs my attention too. End of August I will be moving up to Manchester for 6 weeks, I’m planning to make the move for good before Christmas, I know my future is in the north, and plus my parents are up there. Doing more and more volunteering too, and I’m finding that by communicating with others in similar situations you learn a lot. But truly the single most helpful thing in my life ATM is my psychologist and my meds, they are really helping me. I want and need to take control and be the cheeky Maria I used to be. x


About Maria

Me I'm a confused woman, who keeps making the same mistakes. Feel lost and broken.
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