So it is true

Ok, today I had great session with psychiatrist again, they increased my meds on Monday 300mg of seroquel, and she confirmed yes I do have BPD, but she didn’t wanna label me, but nevertheless I feel pleased that she confirmed this again. I’m also taking promethazine at night. I feel kinda ok today.tomorrow I start volunteering with rethink. So excited about that I’m going to be a mentor, I’ve done all the training etc last year, I get to meet my first end user tomorrow that ill be mentoring. Generally I feel stable ATM, a couple of issues we talked about today re physical sexual side that I struggle with about, have left me feeling confused. I do feel like I’m living a double life, there’s Maria the cheeky chick, and there’s Maria the suicidal shithead. Grr just wish my brain would make its mind up.


About Maria

Me I'm a confused woman, who keeps making the same mistakes. Feel lost and broken.
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